productivity booster recharge batteries fully

Weekend Productivity Tip: Recharge Your Batteries Fully!

One of the secrets of being highly productive is the ability to unplug from work or business and everyday routine for the whole day at least once a week. Why and how do you need to recharge your batteries?

THE WHY: By giving your brain a different “food for thought” during the weekend, taking care of your body and social connections in addition to the mind, you give the necessary rest to your mental faculties. In addition, you also increase creative potential due to proper rest and participation in other activities than work.

THE HOW: The “relaxation” model where yout spend 2 hours outdoors and then stay 5 hours glued to your laptop doesn’t work. Recharging your batteries FULLY means that you need to switch to a different activity not related to work and technology for the whole day! For example, , go to spa or on a city tour – whatever works best for you!  


productivity booster recharge fully

Just like your iPhone battery lasts longer when you fully recharge the device, make sure that your body, spirit and mind are fully recharged before you plunge into the next working week. You'll see the difference.


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